Polyjet photopolymers

stratasys polyjet photopolymers

Hundred Material Options for 3D Printing

With an impressive variety of material options, create 3D printed models with multiple material properties. PolyJet Digital Materials technology is able to blend 2-3 base resins to make over 1,000 composite materials with specific and predictable properties.

PolyJet materials also expands your imaginative possibilities for prototypes of exceptional end-product realism. Expect a variety of hues, translucencies, Shore A values and other properties that will impressively meet your business needs.


Digital Material

polyjet digital material 3d printingKey Features: Wide range of flexibility from Shore A 27 to Shore A 95
Rigid materials vary from simulated standard plastics to toughness and temperature resistance of Digital ABS
360,000 Vibrant colour options for rigid or flexible materials used on the Stratasys J750 3D Printer.
Applications: Prototyping uses.
Digital ABS & ABS2polyjet digital ABS material 3D PrintingKey Features: Stimulates ABS plastics by combining strength with high temperature resistance
Digital ABS2 offers better dimensional stability for thin-walled parts
Applications: Used commonly for production of functional prototyping and manufacturing tool applications
Products include molds, snap-fit parts, electrical parts, casings, engine parts and covers.
Digital ABS Plus & ABS Plus 2
Polyjet Digital ABS Plus & ABS Plus 2 Material Creatz3DKey Features: Enhanced mechanical performance of impact strength
Stimulates ABS plastics by combining strength with high temperature resistance
Dimensional stability for thin-walled parts
Applications: Best fit for applications requiring good strength and sterilisation.
High Temperature
Key Features: Extraordinary dimensional stability for applications of thermal functional testing
Produces varying Shore A values, gray shades and temperature parts with over molding
Applications: Perfect for form, fit and thermal functional testing;
taps, pipes and other household applications;
parts for hot air and hot water testing
high-definition models that need superior surface quality;
display models that can endure strong lighting conditions.
polyjet transparent material 3d printingKey Features: VeroClear and RGD720 allows you to print clear and tinted parts and prototypes
Colour materials can create impressive transparent shades

Applications:  Ideal for form and fit testing of see-through parts such as glass, consumer products, eyewear, light covers and cases, visualization of liquid flow, medical uses and display models.
Rigid Opaquepolyjet rigid opaque material creatz3dKey Features: Brilliant colour options to give you unparalleled design freedom
Combines with rubber-like materials for applications of over molding, soft touch handles etc.
Applications: Ideal for form and fit testing, moving and assembled parts, concept models for sales and marketing usages, assembly of electronic components and silicone molding.
 Simulated Polypropylene  polyjet Simulated Polypropylene Key Features: Looks and functions like polypropylene

Applications: Good for prototyping containers and packaging, flexible snap-fit applications and living hinges, toys, battery cases, laboratory equipment, loudspeakers and automotive components.
Rubber-likepolyjet rubber-like materialsKey Features: Varying degrees of elastomer characteristics
Can be combined with rigid materials for a variety of Shore A values from Shore A 27 to Shore A 95

Applications: Best fit for rubber surrounds and over molding, soft-touch coatings and non-slip surfaces, knobs, grips, pulls, handles, gaskets, seals, hoses, footwear and display models.
Agilus30Key Features: Shore A value of 30 allows material to simulate rubber-like products
High durability and tear resistance that withstands repeated flexing and bending,

Applications: Common applications include Medical Models
Toolings that require rubber-like characteristics
Consumer and sporting Goods
General Prototyping and over holding applications.
Biocompatiblebio compatible creatz3dKey Features: High dimensional stability and colorless transparency
5 medical approvals: cytotoxicity, genotoxicity, delayed type hypersensitivity, irritation and USP plastic class VI

Applications: Best suited for applications that need prolonged skin contact of longer than 30 days and short-term mucosal membrane contact up to 24 hours.