Plastic printers


Creatz3D is the exclusive reseller of Stratasys’s world-leading brand of plastic 3D printers based on Stratasys-patented FDM® and inkjet-based PolyJet® technologies. Various application needs from rapid prototyping to medical modelling to manufacturing are possible with our range of plastic 3D printers.

stratasys industrial 3d printers

Stratasys-patented Fused Deposition Modeling and inkjet-based PolyJet technologies bring you the best 3D printing technologies to suit your business needs.

Statasys’s industry-leading plastic 3D printers will suit whatever requirements you require for your business.

A wide range of plastic rapid prototyping materials enables you to produce super realistic products to suit different requirements.

Industry adoption of plastic 3D printing enables you to outdo your competitors in the same market, with lower cost and time spent on production.