Bound Metal Deposition

The Desktop Metal Studio System is the latest and most advanced metal 3D printing system that works on Bound Metal Deposition (BMD) technology. Instead of laser sintering, BMD uses extrusion technology which produces parts layer by layer to produce accurate and repeatable physical parts right in an office-friendly environment at high speed and low cost.


Unlike laser-based systems that melt metal powder selectively, Bound Metal Deposition extrudes bound metal rods and is similar to how plastic Fused Deposition Deposition (FDM) printers work.

The technology works by first extruding rods of bound metal to form “green” parts layer by layer. The parts are then immersed in proprietary debinding fluid from Desktop Metal in the debinder, where the primary binder is dissolved and removed to create an open-structure throughout before sintering them in a cloud-connected sintering furnace.

Customizable temperature profiles are then applied to heat parts to just below their melting points, where the fusing of metal particles leave strengthened parts behind without any traces of residual stress.

The Studio System works with a wide range of high-quality core alloys that are essential to 3D printing. A total of 7 alloys are available in the market now, with more than 31 still under development.


The Studio System is designed as a complete workflow, with a fully automated sintering system that is controlled by cloud-based software. This means engineers can go straight from digital files to printed parts seamlessly.

Users are able to work in a safer manner in the same place that they work in with the Studio System, as there is no need for hazardous powders, dangerous lasers and cutting tools, unlike traditional metal 3D printing processes. Post-processing is also simplified as supports can be separated easily from parts by hand.



17-4PH, AISI 4140, 316 L, Copper, Inconel 625, H13 and Kovar.

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Studio System.

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