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Industrial Metal 3D Printers

Your metal additive manufacturing needs are covered with our range of metal 3D printers that utilizes SISMA’s Laser Metal Fusion technology and ARCAM’s Electron Beam Melting technology, as well as our new advanced metal 3D printing solutions like XJET’s Nanoparticle Jetting technology to Bound Metal Deposition technology by Desktop Metal.

Scale new heights in your business with metal 3D printing technologies like Laser Metal Fusion, Electron Beam Melting, Nanoparticle Jetting and Bound Metal Deposition.

Our leading industrial-grade professional 3D metal printers can help streamline your work processes.

A wide range of metal materials with good mechanical properties allow you to produce components or parts that meet stringent industrial qualifications.

Industry adoption of metal 3D printing enables you to outdo your competitors at reduced cost and time spent.