Professional Industrial 3D Printers

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Creatz3D provides leading professional industrial 3D printing solutions in Singapore to bring your ideas to life without compromises

Stratasys Creatz3D Partner

An award-winning industry expert for 3D Printer and
Production Systems, Stratasys Ltd. is at the forefront
of shaping the future and empowering customers
with optimum prototyping and production experiences.

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With unrivalled expertise in Electron Beam Melting
Technology, Arcam’s metal 3D production system
platforms are guaranteed cost-effective
3D printing solutions for residual stress-free metal
components of superior strength.

XJET Creatz3D Partner

XJet NanoParticle Jetting™ technology has been pioneered after a decade worth of research to help transform the metal and ceramic additive manufacturing industry. Bringing new levels of quality to metal and ceramic manufacturing, parts can be built with ease and versatility without lacking in throughput.

3D Ceram Creatz3D Partner

With its team of experienced technical ceramic experts, 3DCeram has developed a complete range of products to support their customers with ceramic manufacturing needs in different industries.

Materialise Creatz3D Partner

Materialise software solutions is at the heart of developments in prototyping, production and medical needs. With their user-friendly 3D imaging solutions, Materialise will generate increased production efficiency for your business needs.

Sisma Creatz3D Partner

Equipped with additive manufacturing systems of high precision and cutting-edge designs, SISMA Group is the expert fit for achieving 3D printed metal objects as you have perfectly envisioned.

Desktop Metal is committed to making metal 3D printing accessible to global manufacturers and engineers. Desktop Metal systems are unique as it is office-friendly that is capable of a full product life cycle process from prototyping to mass production.